Realizing Your Worth

Everyone is special in their own way. It sounds very cliché but it is incredibly true. As I have gone through my life I have realized there are a few key things that help bring out your worth. The first one is to conduct yourself in a way that is different from others. If you strive to be like everyone else then you will just get lost in the shuffle and end up not living up to your full potential. I have realized that I am much happier and much more confident when I am acting differently than others in a way that is unique to me. The second one is to find something you can do that is worthwhile and makes a difference. Volunteering, finding a job, or playing a sport can help tremendously. If you are unhappy in the career you have chosen, then change it. Go do something else, it's that simple. The third one is to stay humble. Nobody likes anyone who is successful and is the first one to tell you all about it. Let your success speak for itself and carry yourself in a manner that is confident, not cocky. Realize your worth, hone the skills you already have, and learn new skills that will help you in the future. Always stay open and learn as much as you possibly can.

Be a Person, Not a Robot

Looking for a job can be a hassle, especially in today's market. You have to be willing to relocate because in your immediate area there are probably limited jobs. There are so many jobs out there you just have to be willing to go explore the world and see what is out there for you. Even if you expand your search an extra 100 miles you will be astounded at the opportunities that are out there. You also never know what to expect so you should always be prepared and open for a conversation. Out of the blue a man can walk in and tell you that there are an abundance of jobs in Richmond, Virginia and suddenly you're out to lunch with him and he's telling you he will take your information and recommend you for any job down there (this happened to me today). Expanding on my last blog post, you can meet someone and suddenly your whole world can change for the better. You must be open to any and all opportunities that come your way and carry yourself with confidence and always be engaged in the conversation. Make eye contact, be interested and interesting, and most of all: RELAX. Life is too stressful as it is so don't make the mistake of snubbing an opportunity because you are too nervous. Go out there and get what you're worth.

Networking at The Chamber

Networking and making connections are two of the most important aspects of business. Attending a networking event is a very fun, beneficial and worthwhile venture providing you with the opportunity to connect with a large amount of people in your area of expertise. I attended my first real networking event this past Friday and it was a fun experience. I met a large amount of people who were either local business owners or had an important position in the community. From the Chief Academic Officer of Elmira Business Institute, to a lawyer, people of all walks of life attended this networking event at Tioga Downs. I talked with the CAO of Elmira Business Institute for a few minutes and already found another career opportunity that I had not even thought of. It just goes to show that you never know what to expect at a networking event and you will make connections you did not even know were possible. It also goes to show that it's not always about what you know, but who you know!


I have always wanted to be in a position where I could plan a few vacations a year and comfortably afford to travel the world. With rising plane ticket prices and travel expenses, this has seemed very unrealistic to me in the past. My whole life I have wanted to see the Eiffel Tower at sunset, the outback of Australia, and the incredible pyramids of Egypt. I have my whole life ahead of me and the first five years of my adult life will be dedicated to saving my money and traveling as much as possible. I want to see what the world has to offer out there and there is no reason why I cannot accomplish this goal. As long as I am smart with my money and make great connections, I will be able to do it all.

3 Simple Ways to Get Ahead at Work

The show Shark Tank has recently grown in popularity. This show gives small business entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their product or service to a panel of “sharks”, or investors. These investors can choose whether or not they would like to invest in the company and help this person with their dream. A shark investor, Daymond John outlines his three keys to getting ahead in the workplace. These keys are very simple things that you can use on a daily basis to get ahead. The first key is to censor yourself on social media. This is the most recent and growing problem among employers and employees. Work life and private life should stay separate and by posting things you shouldn’t on social media it creates a problem for the employer and eventually for you. The second key is that appearance matters. If you are applying for a job, even if you do not have money, take care of your hygiene and make sure everything looks clean and cut. Humans are very visual beings and once we see someone who appears “sloppy” we will unconsciously discredit them no matter who they are. The third and most important key to getting ahead is to learn from everyone you meet. No matter who you are in this world, you do not know everything. Everyone out there has precious information that others can benefit from if they just stay open-minded. Most individuals are not willing to do this because they think they know everything. Stay open, stay positive, learn, and keep pushing forward.

Jack Welch's Management Techniques

Upon listening to Success magazine's interview of Jack Welch, famous CEO of General Electric, I have come to the conclusion that management comes from a few simple, effective, and crucial techniques. In my own words, the first and most important is to treat everyone in the company with respect. Everyone in the business, whether they are a dock worker or the CEO, has a brain. Each and every one of those brains has ideas on how to make things better and how to make the process run more smoothly. This leads to my next point which is that there should not be too many levels of management. Welch claims that if there are upwards of seven levels of management, the ideas from the bottom will get lost in translation somewhere. As a result of this, a dock workers million dollar idea that could revolutionize the company may not reach the upper level management and decision-makers. Having everyone functioning together is what makes a business run like a well-oiled machine. The third and most simple technique is to give credit. If someone comes up with a great idea that betters the company, praise that and give them credit. It is very simple and rewarding for both the company and that individual. Making everyone feel like they can make a difference and enjoy what they do is what being a manager is all about.

Intern Thoughts

New business and career opportunities can be intimidating to people of all ages.   You will have the first day jitters, you will want to impress your boss, and most importantly you will want to make a good and lasting impression. You must be prepared, especially in the business world. Preparation requires a lot of time and effort along with creativity and a keen instinct of the business world. Right now, I am planning for my future. I think I am making all the right moves that will lead me to a long, happy and successful life. I strive for happiness, security, and consistency with a little flare in there every now and again. I want the “American Dream” and have the values of someone who grew up in the 50’s.  I feel as though I have always been very mature for my age and have what my mother calls an “old soul”. This has helped me create a mindset that can take me anywhere. If anyone out there is reading this and has any helpful tips for my future or career connections/opportunities, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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