When it’s time to apply: Grooming tips

March 29, 2016


When you are on the hunt for that new position, remember the old adage “you only have one chance to make a first impression.” As much as you may want to be yourself and let your body art and jewelry say who you are, sometimes you may have to decide if your personal statement is worth more than the job you are seeking. It is always better to err on the side of caution. If you really want to be considered for any job there are some grooming basics you should follow.

      Be clean: Hair, nails, teeth, body, clothes and shoes

      Be fresh: Too much cologne or body odor can overwhelm

      Minimal Adornment: Make-up and jewelry should be minimal and conservative

      Dress appropriately: Avoid tank tops, visible undergarments, sweats, hat or hoodies, midriff, low-cut or tight tops

If you dress like you will be judged by your appearance only, you have a greater probability of doing it right. In addition, wearing a smile can’t hurt!

Minimum Wage Perspective

March 21, 2016


Businesses large and small have differing opinions on the proposed minimum wage hike. As I perused though my connections on the internet, I discovered this wonderfully written perspective by Tompkins Chamber President, Jennifer Tavares in Oct 2015 on the complicated nature of the issue. Fast forward to this month and I find a continuation of her perspective at


This is an issue that could make or break many businesses in NYS. Have you voiced your opinion to your representatives on this issue?

Happy 2016!

January 4, 2016

It's hard to believe that the calendar has been changed, the holiday decorations are disappearing and we are back at our schedules, plugging along. But as I look forward, I see the many gifts that each new day brings.  The greatest abundance comes from the people who make the Tioga Chamber a wonderful organization.

I could say thank you to a huge list of people with whom I have contact, but with the fear of omitting some remarkable people, I will just say, "Thank you" to all of you for making the Tioga Chamber a marvelous place to "work" and I am indebted to you for making me a better person!

Happy New Year!

Simple Gifts

December 16, 2015


     We are all abuzz about giving gifts at Christmas time. We decorate to get in the spirit, we spend money and we devote extra time to friends and family. The feeling we get when we give gifts can be very gratifying. But a gift that is easy, can happen any time of year and doesn’t cost a cent, is the gift of a sincere compliment.

     Why compliment? It is a great way to build a relationship. You can motivate, inspire and build trust.

It encourages humanity! When you appreciate a specific strength in someone, let them know! It might make the difference in someone’s day. Be precise, simple, helpful and sincere in your compliment.  Precise Praise is the way to go!

     Let’s work on the culture of appreciation. Go ahead, splurge!


My Christmas Shopping Wish List

December 2, 2015  

     Call me old fashioned! I was born in the ‘60’s and my parents, siblings and extended family taught me how to behave.  They taught me that kindness goes a long way!  We lived by the golden rule.

     With holiday shopping season upon us, my wish list is to have every sales person be the shopkeeper’s dream employee, giving great customer service and smiles away because they enjoy what they do, not because they need to collect a paycheck. I also wish to have every shopper be pleasant, appreciative and patient!

Is it so hard to treat one another with kindness, to say please and thank you, to hold a door for the person near you, or to smile at someone?

     My wish is that we all try to be that good, kind person. The best part is… it is free!

Networking and Perception

October 16, 2014

Networking is very important in business. Every time someone asks us what we do, where we work, how our day is, we network. Every time someone walks in our establishments, we network. So, we really need to think about how we are perceived. What message comes across to others? Do you (and your employees) send out a positive feeling about your business? Is your business welcoming? Does it evoke the image you imagined? We all need to examine where our strong points and our short comings lie. Don't forget to honestly evaluate yourself and your business regularly. Simple changes in how things are seen can lead to more business.


Consider Your Customers

August 12, 2014

For any small business associate...please treat your customers well. I read this on a friend's Facebook profile today and I couldn't have said it better...

"If you are a small business trying to survive in a struggling town, with Walmart/Lowes just a few miles away - May I offer some Customer Service advice.
1) Acknowledge me. I had been wondering the store for 10 minutes, passed no less than FIVE employees, including the owner, and didn't get one Hello or May I help you? may I add that I counted 2 customers in the entire store - me be being one of them
2) Greet me at the register & quit chatting with employee #6. No eye contact, no smile & no Hello
3) Thank me for shopping there. This was your last chance to keep me... and you failed."


We want success for our member businesses and this is an easy place to start.  Let's train ourselves and our employees to be engaged with our customers!

Raising the Minimum Wage

I would really like to be able to start a discussion board on this topic because I would like to hear everyone’s opinion. But since I can’t, I will share my opinion with whoever is reading. So here it goes, my opinion is that we should not be raising the minimum wage. I am at a point in my life where pretty much my only option is a minimum wage job and I still don’t think we should raise it. The reason I do not think we should raise the minimum wage is plain and simple: it will not provide incentive to work harder and individuals who have worked hard to get higher paying positions will suffer. Minimum wage jobs are not meant to live off they are meant to act as a transition between college or high school and a career. Raising the minimum wage would provide less incentive to workers to advance in whatever company they are working for and essentially make the worker lazier. They would get less bonuses or raises and will find less value in their work over time. On the flip side, I believe if your absolute only option is a minimum wage job, you plan on being there for the long haul, and you work hard I believe your hard work should be rewarded. Companies should raise the wage of every employee who deserves it. For example, a single mother (or father) with three kids who has been working the double shift at McDonalds every day just to put food on the table for their kids should be rewarded for their hard work and given a raise every six months or so. But me being a college student, I do not believe I should be making $15 an hour at a minimum wage job. As much as I would like the money I do not think I would deserve that kind of pay. With a degree, putting in effort with internships and having student loans to pay off, I believe I will deserve to make more money. You have to put in the work in life before you can be rewarded. But until that day comes, I believe minimum wage should stay put and I am fine with it.

Living in the Past

In life, many people live in the past as a way to cope with their current situation. Too many people look back on the times that they had and do not focus on how to improve their lives and their future. Many individuals live their whole lives focusing on the negative things that have happened, rather than focusing on ways to make positive things happen in the future. As an entrepreneur and a person, there is no reason to live in the past. You will fail. Bad things will happen to you. You will get knocked down and seem like you have no hope. All of these things are ways of knowing you’re on the right track. It sounds silly but thinking of these things in a positive light will improve your self-esteem and your future. If you try something and fail at it, rather than getting down about it you should think to yourself “Well, I guess I found something I’m not supposed to be doing” and then move on and try something new. You always have a chance to start over and renew yourself, all it takes is effort. That’s the beauty of life; you almost always have a second chance no matter what your current situation. So keep moving forward and look on the bright side because you have no idea what is coming. 

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